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20 Heartbeats

I want to line the pieces up...

Twenty Heartbeats
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I Want To Line The Pieces Up...

20_heartbeats is an open-minded and friendly Kingdom Hearts fanfic claims community, inspired by the original 30_kisses and fanfic100 and devoted to inspiring many more!

[and in case you need more to get you going]

01. Absent     [what do i do when you're not here]
02. Breath; Footfall     [the only sound in the world]
03. Connected     [coiled inescapably]
04. Create     [anyone can destroy, but this is far harder]
05. Devotion     [faith as sweet as a promise, sharp as a knife]
06. Figment; Fragment     [is this really all you can be?]
07. Guide     [take it step by step, one foot then the other]
08. Holy     [to bathe in water so pure...]
09. Ink     [words written on my heart]
10. Joker     [you're not very funny]
11. Late     [missed the best part]
12. Morning     [even the deepest night gives way]
13. Noise; Scene     [make doves scatter]
14. Poison     [corrupted from the inside out]
15. Renewal; Reset     [not everyone gets a second chance]
16. Royalty     [smothered by luxury]
17. Truth     [an honest answer isn't always a kind one]
18. Violence     [does it make you stronger?]
19. Waiting     [learned helplessness]
20. Year     [faces that stay with you forever]

Bonus: (to be done in addition to your 20, or swap out for numbers you don't like)
Simple    [an innocent wish to be with you]
Clean    [the rest of the world melts away]
Sanctuary    [to lay down hopes and dreams, with you]
Light    [sudden awakening]
Passion    [searching for you from within the twilight]

But How?

Here's how it works. You post to this topic claiming a character, a relationship, or a set to write about. (IE, Yuffie, or Sora/Riku/Kairi, or Castle Oblivion characters.) More than one person can do the same claim. It's just for keeping track!

You write 20 fanfics based on the above themes -- or draw 20 pictures, or however you want to represent them. If you don't like up to five of the "main" themes, you can choose from the bonuses; or you can write the bonuses just for fun! Post your finished fiction/art in this community.

When you're done with all 20 themes, post to this topic and a unique banner will be made for you saying that you won your claim!

Banners are made by libekory. Textures are from ColorFilter, brushes are from Hybrid Genesis.


Rule #1: There is absolutely no bashing of any sexual orientation or couple allowed in this community. You get one warning for mocking Axel/Roxas or sneering at Sora/Kairi fans, and then your second offense is bannable. Let this be fun for everyone, please!

Corollary: Please respect the claimants. Not everyone can write the best fic in the world or draw the perfect Demyx. Please don't compare two writers or two artists in your comments: even when you mean it kindly, it can be discouraging or hurtful.

Rule #2: You can claim an AU setting or a specific time period. You can not claim Kairi's other best friend Starine who Riku has a crush on. Please be reasonable if you want to write OCs.

Rule #3: You may interpret the challenge prompts however you choose. As long as the topic [or bracketed topic] inspired you, it's probably close enough to count. If absent made you think of Hayner playing hookie from class which made you think of Olette mistakenly thinking he was home sick, that's great. "Heartbeats" need only represent something that moves the character or means something to the character, and doesn't have to be literal.

Rule #4: Fanfics must be above 100 words to be counted, but aside from that, there are no guidelines for writing. First person or third, present or past, each segment independent or a consecutive narrative. Similarly, a five minute sketch is just as good as a watercolor painting. Whatever works for you!

Rule #5: Although this is a Kingdom Hearts challenge community, you can post requesting a claim from another series if you're really interested.

Rule #6: Everything must be LJ-cut.


All posts must include the following.
Prompt: (both number and name)

Your subject line must read the following.
Title (Claim, Prompt#)
For instance:
Spill (Xigbar/Demyx, #9)

This is very important for archiving purposes. Archives will be done by claim and author.

Please remember to LJ-cut! And please do comment. ♥


Q. How many claims can I have?
You can have up to two at once. Art claims and writing claims are not counted as separate for this; you can't have two art claims and two writing claims.

Q. Are art and writing claims separate, or can I combine both for one claim?
There's no strict division. You can write a fanfic for prompt #3, draw fanart for prompt #5, and submit a drabble with an accompanying illustration for prompt #12 if that's what you want to do. Have fun with it!

Q. Do I have to do the challenge prompts in order?
Absolutely not! You can do them forwards, backwards, evens then odds, or in any order that strikes you.

Q. Can I make fake-cuts or links to my own journal?
Yes. The actual fic or art can be located anywhere you like, just as long as you maintain the format when posting to this community: Title, Author, Claim, Prompt, etc. That way, anyone searching for a certain kind of fic will know what they're getting when they follow the link beneath your header.

Q. Do you allow lemons/porn/nekkidness?
As long as it's marked clearly in the warnings, yes. Make sure that everything above the LJ-cut is work-safe, please.

Q. Will you ever kick me off my claim for inactivity?
Maybe, but we're very laid-back. If you post nothing for three or four months, you might get a comment asking if you're still interested in your claim. It's just to keep the claims page from getting cluttered up with long-abandoned intentions.

Q. Do you use tags here?
They're not required, because all challenge entries are available in the community Memories, sorted by claim/claimant and claimant (in case one person does multiple claims). But they are certainly appreciated! Please use only characters and pairings in the tags, for instance: "roxas, sora, roxas/sora" might be one set of tags. If you tag, always put the pairing in alphabetical order: "demyx/xigbar" or "kairi/sora".

Q. Can I write all my fics and then post all of them at once?!
No. :\ Please only make like, two posts per day. Posting 10+ fics at once is really annoying to look at on an flist, really annoying to look at on the front page, and tends to get far fewer comments than a post that is staggered between other posts (especially if you comment on those other posts!)

Q. Can I submit one fic with two themes?
You can, but it won't count twice. The point of the challenge is to complete twenty "heartbeats," not use all of the themes, so even if you can cram all twenty themes into a single work, you still have nineteen more to go!

Q. Will there be other prompt tables in the future?
Maybe... ♥ There are plans for one, but it'll be up to you guys to decide.